Andersonville: A Shared Home

2016 - Ongoing



Andersonville: Home is an ongoing project that started in 2016. After growing up and living in the northside of Chicago neighborhood for decades I wanted to explore the ongoing changes and developments to the community.

The first part was a community involved project: 101 Ways to Improve Your Community that asked for a community based level of governance and ideation as a way of combating gentrification.

As the project evolved I looked at the way the neighborhood self-identified as Swedish American despite its changing demogaprhics. I produced a color and icon study of the shops in Andersonville to notice how these symbols try to invoke property over community. 

I soon began to look a the effects of gentrification through my research and used objects, games, and tropes to critique development of housing.

Recently, I have been looking at both the game and video format as way of looking at Anderosnville through my own personal narrative and through historical mapping.